The Fleet


Our Trucks

 T-Wrecks LLC is a locally owned locally ran business ran by husband and wife team Mikel and Catherine Johnson. We have the ability to tow most anything under 15,000 pounds. We have two trucks one named "The Mistress" and the other "The Misfit".  


The Misfit

 The Misfit is a 2011 Dodge with a Miller Ind. Century 312. With a self loading wheel lift system and a twin line extendable boom. This is the latest and greatest in fast dependable smart towing and recovery. It can load your vehicle from inside the truck in less then 10 seconds. Greatly speeding up our ability to quickly get you or your family to safety. The Misfit is also equipped with lock out tools, a quick jump system and dollies, just in case we show up to your vehicle and we need to raise all four wheels off the roadway due to it being AWD or damaged in a collision. 


The Mistress

The Mistress is a 2014 Freightliner Extended Cab with a Miller Industries Right Approach 22' Car Carrier. The Mistress far exceeds anything in LeFlore County . It is equipped to handle 15,000 pounds at a low center of gravity and is designed to let the tail end roll flat on the ground to get under low bumpers and luxury vehicles. It is equipped with an air wedge lock out kit, Lexan quick jump system and a high output jump box for jumping starting 18 wheeler's.  It also has an on board air compressor  to air up tires, supply air to air brake systems and an air bag jack. Oh yeah we also have an air bag jack. Its the latest in roadside tire changing equipment. Did i also mention we offer 24 hour roadside assistance. 

Meet our Crew


Owner Mikel Johnson

 Mikel Johnson has been in the towing industry all his life. At age 16 he started working in the repossession industry. At age 20 he went to work for Texas Towing in Fort Worth Tx, were he learned everything about the industry. Mikel became an expert at car carrier trucks, self loading wheel lift, medium duty under reach, heavy duty towing, 75 ton rotater wreckers and heavy haul equipment. He went into management in 2003, learning how to dispatch on a large scale of over 27 pieces of equipment and operators. Through out his career Mikel has trained 100's of operators and several dispatchers as well as owners. Mikel also worked closely with Miller Industries Inc, the largest wrecker manufacturer in the world. As an outside sales contractor for the Miller brand he was able to sharpen his knowledge of how wreckers are made and what they are designed to do as each wrecker is not the same. In September of 2018 with the help of James Bennett Jr. of Beards Towing, Ft. Worth Texas's largest wrecker service, Mikel and Catherine started their second successful wrecker business here in Poteau Oklahoma, T-Wrecks LLC. Mikel still has contacts in the wrecker industry across the U.S. so no matter if you need help here or abroad chances are he can get you taken care of or point you in the right direction. 


Office Manager Catherine Johnson

 Catherine Johnson has been in the customer service industry for 16 Plus years. Starting out as a young woman working in the emergency vet field and moving into the wrecker industry to work closely by her husband Mikel. She has worked closely with National Motor Clubs, Car Sales Dealerships, Police and Auction companies to set up and service their accounts. Catherine does all the account receivables and payable's for T-Wrecks LLC, She has been through various training classes to make sure we provide the best care for our customers and Community. The most recent being The Polished Professional hosted by the Poteau Chamber of Commerce. 


Jonathan Walker

Jonathan has worked for T-Wrecks for the past 6 months. He is a highly complemented operator with a lot of training under his belt already.  Under the supervision and experience of owner Mikel, Jonathan is on his way to being a very experienced operator.